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Half hanuman 3D pendant

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A half Hanuman 3D murti refers to a three-dimensional statue or idol of Lord Hanuman, the Hindu deity known for his immense strength, devotion, and loyalty. The 3D aspect of the murti implies that it is a three-dimensional representation, often made from materials like clay, wood, metal, or stone.

Half hanuman 3D pendant


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By Cadwala

By Cadwala



A half Hanuman 3D murti is a stunning and intricate three-dimensional representation of Lord Hanuman, the revered Hindu deity known for his strength and devotion.

The half Hanuman 3D murti is crafted with exceptional artistry, meticulously capturing the intricate details of Lord Hanuman’s face, muscular physique, and characteristic attributes such as his mace and tail.The three-dimensional aspect adds a sense of realism, making the murti appear lifelike and captivating.Crafted with skill and available in various materials, this three-dimensional idol brings a sense of realism and awe-inspiring presence to any setting.


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