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Radha krishna 3D Pendant

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Radha Krishna 3D murtis, or statues, are three-dimensional representations of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha

The 3D aspect of these murtis refers to the depth and dimensionality of the sculpture. Unlike flat or relief sculptures,

They offer prayers, perform rituals, and decorate the murtis with flowers, clothing, and jewelry as a way of expressing their devotion and seeking blessings.

Radha krishna 3D Pendant


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By Cadwala

By Cadwala



Radha Krishna 3D murtis are exquisite and lifelike sculptures representing Lord Krishna and Radha, crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

The intricate craftsmanship and three-dimensional nature of these murtis give them a realistic and dynamic appearance, allowing devotees to connect more deeply with the divine couple.

conveying a sense of spiritual significance and inspiring devotees in their own pursuit of divine love.

These murtis, available in different materials, serve as focal points for worship and meditation, while also adding aesthetic charm to temples and homes.


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