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Shankh with three girl 3D pendant

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A Shankh, also known as a conch shell, is a sacred object in Hinduism. It is often used in religious rituals and ceremonies. However, I’m not aware of any specific reference to a Shankh with three girl 3D murtis (statues).

The combination of the Shankh and girl 3D pendant can hold personal or cultural significance for the wearer.

Shankh with three girl 3D pendant

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By Cadwala

By Cadwala



Introducing a unique Shankh with Girl 3D pendant, a mesmerizing fusion of spirituality and beauty in a three-dimensional design. The Shankh, a revered Hindu symbol associated with Lord Vishnu, embodies spirituality and divine blessings.

Crafted with intricate details, the pendant comes to life in a captivating 3D form, adding depth and dimension to its visual impact.

This intricately designed pendant showcases the sacred Shankh and a girl figurine in mesmerizing three-dimensional detail, representing divine blessings and elegance.


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