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Shivaji Maharaj 3D model sculpted in Zbrush

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Make Divine Shivaji Maharaj 3D model in Zbrush by Using This Revolutionary 3D Model to Unleash Your Inner Alchemist

The founder of the Maratha Empire, Shivaji (also called Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj) was a legendary figure in Indian history. He was born in Shivneri Fort, in modern-day Maharashtra, India, on February 19, 1630. Jijabai and Shahaji Bhonsle were his parents. Shivaji is credited with establishing an autonomous kingdom by seizing a territory from the collapsing Adilshahi Sultanate of Bijapur, which subsequently served as the model for the Maratha Empire.

On June 6, 1641, he was formally crowned the Chhatrapati (king) of his realm at Raigad Fort. Shivaji was renowned for his creative military tactics, forward-thinking policies, and inclusive civil government that embraced individuals from all castes and religions. During his rule, Marathi and Sanskrit were encouraged to replace Persian in the courts and administrative processes.Shivaji’s legacy is complex; he was a leading nationalist in the Indian independence movement and is considered a Hindu hero. At Raigad Fort, on April 3, 1680, he passed away. He is regarded as a symbol of bravery and wise leadership today, and Shivaji Jayanti is an annual celebration honouring his life and accomplishments.

Shivaji Maharaj 3D model sculpted in Zbrush

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By Cadwala

By Cadwala



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    Shivaji Maharaj 3D model sculpted in Zbrush

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Shivaji Maharaj 3D model sculpted in Zbrush

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